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Update on 2019 – 1 month in!

Here we are, one month into 2019.  One twelfth down, or 8.3%, eleven-twelfths left.  I had posted about my goals for 2019 here and thought I could write an update every month to see how it’s going; that will also help keep me thinking about them.  Here’s my 19 for 2019 list that is hanging on my fridge:


I’ve actually made some progress on them already and I’m proud of myself for that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to recap them ALL here, just the ones that I’ve made some progress on.

  1. Complete 3 5Ks – I’ve signed up for my first one.  Since becoming a mom, virtual 5Ks have replaced REAL 5Ks in a lot of ways because I can do them whenever, don’t need to worry about whether I can bring a jogging stroller or not since the Mr’s schedule is always in question so I registered for my first one, today as a matter of fact.  I got news that the Zombies, Run! app has there spring virtual race on sale and since I’m a fan of the app and their virtual races, I now am on my way towards working on this goal.
  2. Take the stairs – I’ve done a great job skipping an elevator when one is available to me.  I’ve even gone so far as ALMOST pushing the button and then realizing that one of the things I wanted to do was take the stairs so it has definitely worked.  Will I take the stairs EVERY day that I can?  Probably not, but I think in the month of January I only rode the elevator once or twice and even turned it into a game with the Munchkin at church.  She rides the elevator and I take the stairs.  We race to see who gets there first!
  3. 3 Fast Balanced Breakfasts – I’ve got 2 pretty solid recipes, now I just have to get into the habit of having them prepared the night before.
  4. 3x/Week Movement – I started the year off with another StepBet so I’ve done pretty good with this one, so far.  I’m not sure it’s a HABIT yet, but the Munchkin asks me if I’m going to “walk” when we get home for the evening.  We have been blasted by the polar vortex here (on the southern end so not as bad as some places) so I’ve been doing some of the free videos on YouTube from the Walk at Home Team.  It may not be much but 15 minutes of walking is better than 15 minutes of couch sitting.
  5. Plan Camping Trip – it’s planned, the site is booked for a couple nights in April (spring break) so here’s hoping it all works out.  We went close to home for the first one because we figure if things go wrong (either weather or Munchkin wise) it’ll be nice to be able to get home quickly.
  6. Start 529 – it’s started….now I just need to link my accounts to it.
  7. Save Christmas Cash – also in progress.  Met January’s goal so hoping we stay on track.
  8. Read 19 Books – I’ve read 5.  I read 5 books in one month.  I’m not sure if you understand how impressive this is for me.  I was NEVER a very strong reader, it was tough for me to focus, it was hard to read when there was any sort of distraction and in January I read 5 books.  I am really happy with that, ecstatic in fact!  It’s still hard to read with distractions and I spend a lot of time re-reading paragraphs I’ve already read because I’m trying to squeeze it in while I’m at work or when the Munchkin is entertaining herself for a few moments here or there.  In January I finished: “My Own Words” by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly, “The Bungalow Mystery” by Carolyn Keene, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Vikto Frankl, and “Sundered” By Bethany Adams.


Of the 19 items on my “to do” list I’ve managed to get working on 8 of them.  I’m really happy with my progress and the steps I’ve taken already.  I’m also glad that a lot of the ones I want to build healthy habits around (reading, eating balanced meals, movement) are on-going and I can’t just cross them off.  I’m truly hoping to end 2019 with habits in place to carry me through whatever the rest of life brings me and not just for the year.

Consistency beats intensity.  In 2018 I learned that lesson and in 2019 I’m ready to put it into practice.  I even bought a bracelet from MyIntent to remind me every day:


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