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Update 19 in 2019

I had hoped to write about this more often but it seemed tedious and repetitive the first few months because I wasn’t making any head way in quite a few of my goals but now that we’re 6 months into 2019 I have made a lot of progress.  If you want to read about my 19 for 2019 you can do that here and here.


    1. Complete 3 5Ks – I signed up for a virtual one and I’m registered for one in October but my plantar facitis has been brutal and I think running is something I’m not pushing.  I have gotten to a good place with movement lately and I’m happy about it but more on that later
    2. Take stairs – I’ve done about a 50/50 on this one.  I have been working on my NEAT (non exercise active thermogenesis) so I suppose 50% is better than none.  With the plantar facitis affecting number 1 I’ve had days where it hurt to stand or walk and given that I am a teacher, standing and walking are two of the more common activities.  
    3. 3 fast and balanced breakfasts – IThis one I think is 100% complete: yogurt with fruit and flax seeds, eggs with cheese and spinach cooked in the microwave, and a protein-veggie-fruit smoothie.  These have gone a long way towards helping me in the morning.
    4. Get outside – this one I’m still working on being conscious of but I’ve realized even just sitting in the backyard is enough to help me feel better.  Now that the weather is turning we’ve taken to eating dinner outside a lot and that has gone a long way towards making me happier
    5. 3x/week movement – I have worked out more consistently in the past few weeks and I’m hoping that continues.  I’ve worked out a schedule and plan with the Mr. to give me at least 3 hours of exercise a week. Sometimes it’s at the gym and sometimes it’s not but at least I’ve got my routine and that helps.  Now that we’re cruising into summer I’m hoping to maintain some of the same routine.
    6. Plant a garden – last in the “health” category but I have come to an important realization.  I think I’ve always known it but now being faced with how I want to focus on spending my time I can admit that I like the idea of gardening and the end result way more than I like doing anything about it.  I put in one of the 4’ x 4’ beds in the backyard and I had visions of the Munchkin and I hanging outside (see number 4) working on the garden. Out of 16 square foot plots (see square foot gardening) there are 2 plants in it.  I just don’t like it. It just feels too much like work to me.  I will see if the two plants (zucchini and tomatoes) make anything happen this year but after that I don’t really care.  My time is too precious to do something that I want to love but just don’t.
    7. Plan Camping Trip – I did and it was wonderful.  The Munchkin liked it, the Mr. and I enjoyed it. We only went for one night because the next day there was a torrential downpour forecasted (which did in fact come) but it was a great trial run and we can’t wait to do more.
    8. Finish Great Room – The formal living room is almost done.  We’ve stripped the wallpaper, cut in the ceiling fan box, and spackeled the walls.  Now we just need to settle on a paint color and get to work. Once this room is done and has some furniture in it I’m planning on having a get together.
    9. Start 529 – the Munchkin has one started and monthly contributions so I’m happy about that
    10. Save Christmas Cash – We’ve done a pretty good job of that, we’re almost 40% towards the goal.  By the holidays I don’t want to be putting the gifts on credit and then hoping we can pay them off in full come January.  We’re off to a good start so I’m confident we’ll be in great shape come November.
    11. Start Cruise Fund – I started using my PayPal account as a cruise fund.  I’ve been depositing any passive income into it so there is money there. But as a funny side note, I ended up booking us a cruise to leave on June 22.  That wasn’t part of the plan but I had a moment of financial weakness and we’re going on vacation in a couple weeks.
    12. Finish Bathroom – the downstairs half bath hasn’t even been touched yet but I decided to wait until the Munchkin is finished potty training before tearing it apart.  I don’t want to tear apart the bathroom until I know she’s capable of making it to the toilet fairly consistently. I know with kids accidents are commonplace for a little while but I’m trying not to make it harder on myself of her.19books
    13. Read 19 Books – I’ve FINISHED!  I completed my Goodreads challenge already!  I’ve even read book #20 already!


  1. Work on TpT Store – I’ve added a few things to it but I’m going to spend some of the summertime when the Munchkin is still in daycare putting up some more items for sale as I work on the new curriculum for next year that I’ll be teaching
  2. Hang Pictures – This is a currently big whopping 0% because the great room isn’t finished yet and we’re still debating where to put them
  3. NaNoWriMo – This officially doesn’t start until November but I’m trying to get ideas because I’d actually like to write a story but so far I’m doing a terrible job of writing down the ideas so I remember them.  I get ideas and SWEAR I’ll remember them (like when I’m driving) but then don’t write them down and forget. I need to improve on my note taking abilities.
  4. Mom’s Night Out – I haven’t been able to attend these due to Dave’s sometimes frustrating schedule but I’m hopeful that’ll change come September when they start up again.
  5. One Sentence Journals – This is a big, fat, failure.  This is another habit that was never really a habit but it’s fallen by the wayside and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  The one is for the Munchkin since I didn’t do a baby book but it’s just something I can’t make part of my nightly ritual yet.
  6. Host Red Tent – This is also waiting on number 8.  Currently the house is in disarray because things have been moved out to empty the great room so once that room gets done I’ll hopefully have them over for some much needed female bonding time.


Bonus: In line with trying to find my hobbies and getting outside more I started volunteering at a horse stable a friend of mine runs.  I’m just glad to be with the horses and helping them out. I’m not cut out for it to be my summer job but I love spending some time in the stable even if I’m touching horse poop and doing manual labor for an hour or two.

All in all, at this point in the year, I’m happy about my progress in 2019.  I am glad how this year is shaping up and looking forward to building on what I’ve implemented this year already to strengthen the habits that are most important to me and align with my core values: Health, Family, Connection, Strength, and Authenticity.

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