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  • No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing
    Disclaimer: There is UNSAFE weather. If the weather is potentially dangerous (i.e. hurricane) then no type of gear is good enough. Disclaimer: I promise this is not an ad, but I do have quite a few recommendations for gear that we use here at the Messy house. I’m reminded of a phrase my ecology professor… Continue reading No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing
  • Find a Fungus Walk
    For the first official installment of the “STEM Mom” content I wanted to give you an easy opportunity to investigate important organisms in the natural world: FUNGI! As my dad would say “of course I’m a fun guy!”
  • STEM Mom Introduction
    As readers may already know I am a high school biology teacher.  However you may not know that I have a bachelor of science in environmental science and a master of science in biology.  I worked for public non-profits and the private sector on my way towards becoming a biology teacher.  I have a passion… Continue reading STEM Mom Introduction

About Me:

I’m a mom of one daughter, I have a BS in Environmental Science, and MS in Biology, and teach HS science. On this page I’m trying to share easy (and inexpensive) ways to investigate the natural world and answers to some of the “Why?” questions children always have.