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  • Trying to Avoid Microaggressions When Teaching Genetics
    If you’ve been part of this world for the past few years and you’re not hiding under a rock somewhere (while I might understand that desire, I know it is impractical) you have heard of political or societal impacts of trans rights.  As I was teaching genetics this year to first year high school biology classes during a pandemic I realized that… Continue reading Trying to Avoid Microaggressions When Teaching Genetics
  • What is the new moon?
    Do you ever look up into the night sky and wonder? What is going on up there? Are there aliens? Still looking. Are we made up of stardust? Yes. Are we the center of the universe? In a manner of speaking. Is the moon made of cheese? No. And lastly, why does the moon look… Continue reading What is the new moon?
  • Five STEM Women You Might Not Know
    Women have made incredible contributions to the science, technology, engineering, and math (collectively known as STEM) fields since the earliest we can recall or have on record but their names have often been left off their contributions or been glossed over in favor of their male contemporaries who used women’s research or contributions to solidify… Continue reading Five STEM Women You Might Not Know
  • No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing
    Disclaimer: There is UNSAFE weather. If the weather is potentially dangerous (i.e. hurricane) then no type of gear is good enough. Disclaimer: I promise this is not an ad, but I do have quite a few recommendations for gear that we use here at the Messy house. I’m reminded of a phrase my ecology professor… Continue reading No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing
  • Find a Fungus Walk
    For the first official installment of the “STEM Mom” content I wanted to give you an easy opportunity to investigate important organisms in the natural world: FUNGI! As my dad would say “of course I’m a fun guy!”

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I’m a mom of one daughter, I have a BS in Environmental Science, and MS in Biology, and teach HS science. On this page I’m trying to share easy (and inexpensive) ways to investigate the natural world and answers to some of the “Why?” questions children always have.