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Crafting the Post COVID Life

If you’re like me and have spent any time in a location that has required a stay at home order where many businesses that you would normally frequent have been shut or changed how they were providing services your life has looked a little different over the past four months.  It has given me a chance to really evaluate what I miss and what I don’t miss.

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The Sixth Principle (UU Series #7)

I’m continuing my series on being a Unitarian Universalist.  Every once and a while you’ll see this listed under the “religion” category but often we aren’t identified as an individual group so I thought it is important to recognize this group and role it plays in my life and my parenting by doing a blog series on it.  This week I continue with the sixth UU principle:

The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all

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Racism and Privilege

I don’t know how to write this and I’m not sure I’ll make any sense or do any justice but I am frightened for the world we are creating for the children; all the children but especially the black and brown children as they continue to see people who look like them unjustly imprisoned, harassed and murdered with the ripple effect that has on their community.

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Quarantine and the Ukulele

Remember that thing that was making me cry over the summer?  I wrote about my ukulele journey, the difficulties I was experiencing and some of the wins I was getting back in the summer.

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been as consistent with the practice as I should be or could be but I have kept at it and during quarantine I produced almost something that sounds like music.  Complete with video, keep reading!

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Extroversion in the Time of COVID19

Where are my fellow extroverts?  How are you holding up?  Me?  Ehhh.  I have good days and I have bad days.  In my last post I talked about some of the benefits I’m seeing from this current situation but as we’re winding down week 3, I’m struggling.  I’m not going to lie, it has been really hard to stay in the house.

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When the world went quiet…

This month man….amiright?  I’ve been thinking a lot about how this month has changed in such a short period of time.  In the span of 48 hours I went from teaching in a classroom to remote learning which meant that I had work differently than I had ever done it before.

Interestingly, I sent an email to my supervisor back in November about setting up distance learning for our school as a way to help students with credit completion or other school attendance issues, so it seems that my wish (?) has come true.

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Follow “The Voice” in Frozen II

If you haven’t seen Frozen II yet, I’m going to guess you do not have a young (or maybe not so young) female child in your life but I would highly recommend everyone see this movie.  I will be the first to say that I am not obsessed with Disney, I have friends that have been to Disney more times in the past 4 years than I’ve been in my whole life.  The Munchkin, at almost four, has only been to Disney while she was still baking on the inside and we didn’t even know she was a she.  However, this movie had so many good lessons for the adults wrapped up in an entertaining movie that even the Mr. is excited to pre-order it.


**Note: Frozen and all related material are property of Disney, I’m just a woman, wife, and mom who thinks the messages in this movie are awesome.  I have tried not to include specific spoilers but if you haven’t seen it by now that’s not my fault ;-)**

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The Fifth Principle (UU Series #6)

I am continuing my discussion and dissection of the UUA seven principles this week with the fifth principle which reads:

The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large

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The Fourth Principle (UU Series #5)

I took a few weeks off to complete my 2019 in review and 2020 goals so this week I’m going to continue my UU series with the fourth principle:

A free and responsible search for truth and meaning

You can read about the first, second and third principles as well.

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