Poetry, STEM Mom

Exploring Rocks – A Creative Interpretation

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

Abigail got ready

It was a new day

Time for adventure

To get on their way

She packed her notebook

And magnifying glass

Off to explore

Maybe look at the grass

Her mom packed some lunch

A change of clothes too

Never too prepared

When you don’t know what you’ll do

Off they went

To a field by their house

Out in the grass

Quiet as a mouse

Abigail bent down

And picked up a rock

She looked at it carefully

It reminded her of chalk

“Ahh” Mom said

“Good observation my dear

That is limestone

You can write but it might smear”

“Limestone is shells

From creatures long ago

They used to swim here

Going to and fro”

Mom and Abigail

Kept walking on

Kicking up rocks

The color of dawn

“Why is it red?”

Abigail curiously asked

“That’s iron oxide

In there that’s amassed”

“It’s the same as our blood”

Mom smiled down

“It’s amazing the same

In nature all around”

Thin slabs under foot

“Now this is called shale

Thin and flaky in layers”

Mom put some in the pail.

“Shale is layered

In strips so fine

If you look carefully

There is many a line”

They unpacked their blanket

And sat on the ground

Looking at all

The rocks that they found

“Rocks are cool!”

Abigail said

“They come in grey,

Brown, yellow, and red!”

“Nature is cool

And it’s abundantly clear

We need more adventures

Both far and near!”

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