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2019 in Review

December saw two waves of the stomach bug hit the household.  One for the Munchkin and I and then a second for just me (I know, I’m lucky, right?!).  Hearning a three year old say “hold me mama” while she dry heaves is one of the worst things I’ve had to experience as a parent.  I felt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain away but it is what ultimately made me take some weeks off from posting.

As we finish off 2019, I’m going to take a break from my UU series and write the obligatory “year in review” and “goals for next year” posts.


The year of 2019 was an interesting year and one I would call mostly successful. This was the first year that I attempted to put structure to “resolutions” in a long time. I was ambitious for this first foreay into New Year’s Resolution Setting in my “real” adulthood and overall I think it was successful and I am planning a new set for 2020 but I am modifying it a little bit.


For 2019, it was the first year I chose one word. I chose “consistency” because part of what I wanted to work on was building healthy and fulfilling habits. I have come to see habits as the important cornerst

one to a healthy life rather than the fads that come and go.

I also purchased a bracelet from MyIntent to remind me of that word.  The bracelet was a huge help in reminding me of my word for the year and kept me on track so I did order another one for 2020.

The other method I used was Gretchen Rubin’s idea of 19 for 2019. I had made a list of 19 things I wanted to do in 201


9 and I accomplished quite a few of them. Items that have been crossed out I was able to complete in their entirety no questions asked.

Complete 3 5Ks – I dealt with some pretty wicked plantar fasciitis this year. I never realized how bad feet could hurt until this year. There were mornings where I cried getting out of bed because my feet hurt so bad. Luckily I’ve taken steps to fixing this so I’m disappointed that I didn’t really get back to running this year like I’d hoped but it was either stop and fix it or never run again so I chose the healing path.
Take stairs
3 fast and balanced breakfasts
Get outside – I’m still working on making this a habit during the working months. I started taking a walk outside around my school building during my prep to help with that. I think some of my colleagues may think I’m a lunatic but one lap around our school building is about 10-15 minutes of movement and fresh air that does wonders for my mental health especially with feeling stressed out with a new curriculum
3x/week movement – this school year (i.e. starting in September) I have done a better job with this because I’ve noticed the boost it gives to my mental health (see number 4 above). I need to continue working on this one though.
Plant a garden
Plan Camping Trip
Finish Great Room
Start 529
Save Christmas Cash
Start Cruise Fund
Finish Bathroom – we had other housing and health issues that also become time and monetary issues that have impeded getting this done. I’m okay with it though, the house perpetually looks like a bomb (i.e. toddler) went off so the bathroom is clean which is more important than it being pretty right now.
Read 19 Books
Work on TpT Store
Hang Pictures – we’ve hung up some pictures and are in the process of hanging up others but this is also still a work in progress
NaNoWriMo – I actually came up with a story idea a head of time but then got myself lost in the details. Instead of just sitting and writing I sat and thought. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing I didn’t put a whole lot of words down where I could have just put some words down and see what came out. I still have the idea rattling around in my head and want to write it but I need to write it and then see what happens.
Mom’s Night Out – I was able to get to a few of these events (the knitting playgroup) but it’s another thing I hope to continue working on during 2020.
One Sentence Journals – The colossal failure that this was is mind boggling. I don’t know why but I can’t sit and write one sentence especially in the Munchkin’s journal. She’s at the age where she’s doing so many cute, wonderful, momentous things that I should WANT to be recording them but for some reason it’s just not on my radar. I did start writing a (mostly) daily gratitude which has been a nice practice that I intend to continue doing through 2020.
Host Red Tent – This never materialized. The Mr’s schedule is such that it can be difficult to try and schedule anything at our house, especially when he’s always going to be working a weekend day in his current job. Much of the socializing I do over the weekend ends up in me leaving the house so the Mr. can go to sleep on time for work either that day or waking up the next day.

I liked the idea of having the 19 for 2019 list to work off of but there were a couple drawbacks this year:
a. I think it was too many things for me to work on at one time
b. some of them weren’t specific enough (damn SMART goal setting)

I really enjoyed my 2019 but it did lead to a lot of introspection and contemplation. I tried some new things (ukulele) and started volunteering at a horse farm that weren’t on my original list but overall I’m happy with how 2019 went. I do think the one word worked really well and that was in no small way because of where I was able to get a bracelet and wore it as a constant reminder of consistency (haha).

For 2020 I am definitely going to have a word to focus on and some “tasks” to complete but I’m going to try and make them more defined than some of the things I had on my list in 2019.

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