Things I Like

Things I (mostly) Like: Playing in the Rain

Yesterday (Sunday) was a particularly interesting “Spring” day and I over planned it only to be paying for it today.  Since the Mr. has been working on Sundays I’ve been going to the grocery store before church (roughly 8am) because it’s way less crowded and it gives the Munchkin and I something to do other than be sloth-like and have the TV on in the morning.  

I wouldn’t mind having the TV on for a little while in the morning before church except that the Munchkin throws a fit when it’s turned off and we’re definitely dealing with some self control issues around the TV right now.  We don’t let her watch A LOT of TV (most days….) but she’s started coming down and asking for it first thing in the morning and throwing a tantrum when we tell her no. Going to the store seems to be a good compromise because she can be in charge of the list on the cell phone and we play the matching game (“Can you find this on the list?”) because the Wegmans app has pictures so I’m sure this is educational/useful in some way shape or form, but I digress.

Yesterday she didn’t want to get up, she didn’t actually wake up until 8am which was a small blessing because I got to drink hot coffee in a quiet house without the fear of it spilling on the couch, me, or worse, her.  I toyed with trying to rush to the store and get it done but decided a lazy Sunday morning was ok.

We did our normal church thing and then got ready to head to the park to hopefully meet up with some other people.

Unfortunately no one was able to join us at the park, whether it was a scheduling conflict or they were afraid of the rain, I don’t know. But we got there, suited up and played outside for a good hour.  

Now, why have I bored you to death with the details of a relatively ordinary Sunday? Because I wasn’t my most present self once we got to the park. The Munchkin and I both have rain suits; her’s is an Oakiwear and mine is one I found on Amazon that I got at Christmas.  I generally don’t mind the rain and being outside as long as I’m properly outfitted but yesterday I couldn’t get out of my adult head.



I was stuck on the list of things that still needed to be done (AKA the grocery shopping and lunch prepping) and I couldn’t enjoy playing in the rain with my kid.  I couldn’t let go of the adulting long enough to actually appreciate the joy that is my 3 year old. She was having a blast, she didn’t care that it was raining and she didn’t care that it was a little chilly, I even played “Let it Go” so she could pretend to be Elsa on the playground.  We had the proper gear to jump in puddles, to swing, to walk through the woods and I missed out on that time with her because I was too focused on the things I “need” to do.

I just wrote about how realizing getting outside and getting active are things I miss and love.  I just had the epiphany that these things need to be back in my life and what happens? One of the first opportunities I have to get back on that train is lost because I’m stuck in my “adultness”.  Here I am whining about how I haven’t figured out how to “suck the marrow out of life” (Thanks for that colorful imagery Henry David Thoreau) and the first chance I get? I failed miserably at it.



And you know what happened?  I still got the things done that needed to be done yesterday.  I was still able to go to the grocery store (albeit a little more crowded than had I been there at 8am), I was still able to make my salads for lunch with some help from the pre-washed lettuce and pre-cooked chicken.



I only accomplished losing out on one hour of my kid’s childhood.  Nothing else was lost.

Best Dad Ever

And miraculously, the Munchkin ended up in bed on time and I was able to sit and watch the US premiere of Season 8 for “Call the Midwife”. Of course, there’s always some poignant truth in that show and it reminded me: “And in the end, when we cease to be, we will all become memories.”  




No one knows when they’ll leave this world but we can always be conscious about what kind of memory we’re leaving behind.

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