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Simple Toddler Felt Wall DIY Project

Felt boards or books are all the rage at the moment.  It started with Christmas trees on the walls that little ones could touch and manipulate and then turned into a year-round project.  I decided it was time try my hand at one and also continue working on my budding sewing skills.

I will be honest I did NOT pay the utmost attention and care to my cuts (have you ever tried to straightly cut a 2 yard long piece of felt?) and for the most part completed this project in less than 2 Bubble Guppies episodes.

I bought all the supplies at JOANN Fabric and Crafts and with their coupon(s) and sales it cost me less than $15 dollars and has been a huge hit so far:

I used:

  • 1 – 36″ wooden dowel
  • 2 yards 36″ premium felt
  • 8 – 9″ x 12″ felt pieces in a variety of colors
  • 2 feet of parachute cord or other cord to hang it from
  • Hot glue gun and sewing machine with whatever color thread was already threaded

I cut the felt down (and as you can see it’s still too big!), sewed a seam for the dowel to fit through.  If you don’t have a sewing machine you could just as easily hot glue it, hand stitch, or any other number of fastening methods.  I hot glued the parachute cord to the dowel and voila!  It was complete.  Then I cut a variety of shapes out of the different colors of felt; some are geometric shapes that have names and others are just the left overs that the Munchkin can “build” on the felt like blocks.  It has been a hit so far and I’m glad I took the time to make her one.  Sometimes it prevents the dinner prep obstacle course that she has been known to create for me.

Currently it is hanging haphazardly over a door and needs to find a more “permanent” home but the Munchkin loves sticking the pieces to it and moving them around.  I’ve also added velcro to the backs of some pieces that came out of a Target dollar spot toy kit that she wasn’t really playing with and now she moves those around on it as well.

I really didn’t go to the store with any sort of plan other than an idea/list of materials and was able to make this in no time flat.  This is a great DIY project for busy caregivers since it takes next to no time to complete and also requires very little in the way of skill to get it done!

The only downfall is now the house is strewn with felt pieces since the Munchkin now tries to stick them to other surfaces but it’s a small (and cheap) price to pay for some quiet entertainment to keep the toddler out from under foot.

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