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What are your priorities?

I’m a “to do” list kind of person and after a rather tumultuous week at work for a variety of reasons I came home Friday night when I felt completely out of control and not sure which direction was up so I made a “to do” list for the weekend.  And my list made me think…

The first version:


Here is the first crack at my list for the two days I have off.  The Mr. was only off today (Sunday) this weekend so I needed to make sure stuff got done as well as spent quality time with the Munchkin.  She only gets me for a couple hours a day during the week.  Even though I try to make those quality hours in the hustle and bustle of the day sometimes the quality is lacking.  I’d like to pretend I’m “super woman” but some days I’m “barely hanging on woman” so during the weekend I like to try and make sure there’s some more connection happening between me, the Munchkin, and the Mr. as a family.  But as soon as I finished writing the to do list I noticed one very big, glaring issue with my list.  Can you spot it?  While I was just brain-dumping all the things that needed to get done and these weren’t necessarily written in importance order, look at all the things I thought of BEFORE fun???   Writing this list caused me to pause and reconsider my list.

The second version:


I changed where I put “fun” on my list of things to do to make sure it was important to us.  While all the other stuff on the list still got done and still had to get done putting “fun” at the top reminded me that I’m not just an automaton going through the motions of being a functioning adult, I’m also a person who wants to enjoy her life.  I don’t want to just do what needs to be done, there are things I want to do as a woman, a wife, and a mom.  Those things are just as important as anything else I have to do; some days arguably more important.

We went out on a nature hike and had fun.


But I ask you, in all seriousness, what are your priorities?  Do they shape the life you want to lead?


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