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When it rains it pours…

This entry may be a little less fun and more serious but bear with me.  It’s been a whirlwind of a week, it is my last week before officially heading back to work (tomorrow! eek!) and it was originally set up to be an easy relaxing week but as per usual there have been a few wrenches thrown into that.  

The Mr. ended up ripping open his cornea again.  A few months ago the Munchkin originally tore his cornea with her sharp kid nails up under his glasses and since he’s a commercial driver his eyes are pretty important.  We have since found out that happening once means that it can happen again so he will have to be careful with it.  Early saturday morning, after working all night, he ended up at the special eye ER near us (thank you big city!) because last time he just went to the regular eye doctor but since it happened again we thought it was a good idea to go right to the specialists.  They did a lot and then asked to see him back Monday and Friday.  When we finally got to see the cornea specialists on Friday they identified abnormal cells that could result in him being even more pre-disposed to corneal tears.  Also the Mr. has epidermolysis bullosa which is probably the worst skin condition you’ve never heard of which could also result in cornea issues.  The short of EB is that the Mr.’s skin layers are not fused together and results in blisters being formed from the slightest friction, he’s been dealing with it for 40 years and has a less severe form and he’s done a wonderful job dealing with the pain, the open wounds, as well as all the looks and questions he gets about it, some kids have it way worse, if you’re interested you can check out dEBra for more information.

I’m glad that we ended up at the specialists and I’m glad that he is on the mend.  Since two different offices wanted to take a look at his eyes on Friday we took the Munchkin to her wonderful sitter and then spent the day in the city, had a nice, relaxed lunch, and wandered for a little since there was some time in between appointments.  Also, since the Mr. is, as I previously said, a commercial driver and he was out of work for the week he was able to handle the Munchkin when the second thing that rocked this week came to a head.

On Saturday we also found out that my 35 year old cousin had passed away.  This affected me a lot, still is to be honest.  I’m not sure it has registered completely.  We were not the closest of cousins for a lot of reasons but he was only 11.5 months younger than I am, it puts a light on something that most 36 year olds understand but still don’t believe is going to happen to them yet.  We found out that he passed from an abdominal aneurysm which according to my research was nothing that he could have known unless they were already looking for another issue.  Due to the Mr.’s blindness he was able to stay with the Munchkin during the services which allowed me the freedom to attend and support as well as not screw the Munchkin up too badly right before I need to go back to being a functional adult again. One of the things that was a theme during my cousin’s memorial service was his ability to build relationships and make people feel at ease which is something that was also a timely reminder as I begin a new school year.

During the course of the week I also underwent an evaluation at the gym I’ve recently joined with Babci which determined my physical age is 8 years older than my chronological age.  I am not sure exactly how much stock you can put into some of those tests but it was definitely hard to hear that I’m 8 years older physically than I really am based on my current physical status.  I’ve been warring with myself about taking time away from the Munchkin (and the Mr.) for exercise and losing my cousin made me realize that if I can spend 3 hours a week away from my loved ones to try and get those 8 years back it’s completely worth it.  I want as much time as I can get with all my loved ones because you never know exactly how much time you’re going to have.  

These weeks happen once and awhile and sometimes it’s important to admit that life sucks and allow it to suck but there will be a change in the winds, and if there isn’t a change in the winds at least I can take some time to regroup and re-direct my sails.

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