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Blog Post – The First

I’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon.  Here I am sitting at the dining room table at 8:26pm trying to write the first post to explain the impetus behind this endeavor (woo big words!).


I’ve always wanted to be a newspaper columnist and a travel writer and an actress and a politician and a lawyer and a….the list goes on and on.  I applied to 5 different colleges with 4 different majors (one was “undecided”) because I never really had any direction, I was interested in so many things I never could decide on one thing but through some soul searching I realize that I have always wanted to write.  I’ve always loved writing in many different forms, I’d rather write than read and it was noted during one of my earlier grade school reports that I would often sit down to write instead of playing.  So here I am giving it a shot.


This is hopefully going to give this overworked mom an outlet where no one NEEDS me for a little while.  Sometimes it seems I walk in the door and I am bombarded after teaching all day (I did finally settle on a career that I LOVE after all the indecision but more on that later) by the Mr., the Munchkin, and the dogs.  We all know the cats could care less unless they are really hungry and the fish are happily contained in tanks (and they’re really the Mr’s responsibility).
While this is for me I’m also hoping along the way I can amuse some people, share this working mom life and have a great time!


Welcome to this messy life!

6 thoughts on “Blog Post – The First”

  1. Yay! This is going to be fun! Can’t wait for the next post! This crazy busy mom loves hearing about others and their crazy busy lives.


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